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Slides on how to build a SkyNode from Alberto Conti How to (ppt)
The WebService Files
The SQL Server Files
The SkyNode has two parts: The Database and The WebService. Each are dealt with below.

The Database

It is assumed you have SQL Server. If so :

  1. Grab
  2. unpack it - it creates a skynode-sql directory.
  3. If SQLServer is not running start it now
  4. If you do not have SkyServer or HTM installed then go to the bat directory and run installHtm.bat.
    This is harmless in any case so you may just want to do it.
    Output from the command is in the logHtm.txt - check this to make sure it ran OK.
  5. You need to edit skynode-yourschema.sql in the sql folder
    NOTE: You need to do this even if you are not creating the schema - the documentation is built from this file.
  6. if you do not have an HTM table you should create one and populate it with your
  7. If you have not already created a schema then edit build-Skynode.bat and uncomment the call to skynode-yourschema.sql to create it i.e. remove ':' from :
    :osql -d%DB% -E -n -i%SQL%skynode-yourschema.sql 	>>log.txt 
  8. If you don't already have a database create one in SQLServer
  9. The scripts create a user called 'skynode' if you wish to use an other user name and login then edit skynode-initUser.sql in the sql directory. Change skynode at the top of the file :
    SET @username = N'skynode';
  10. Finally you should create a view PhotoPrimary which is a select from your main table.
  11. You may also modify the password here.
  12. Go to the bat directory (at a cmd prompt) and run build-Skynode.bat passing the database name.
    Check the file log.txt to See if the script had any problems.

You should now have a database which you may log into using the skynode user (or the name you choose). You should be bale to do :

         select dbo.fHtmlookupEq(23.5,45.3)
which returns 17375844608553

The WebService

If you have the database and IIS all set up then just grab
  1. Grab
  2. Unpack it to a directory
  3. Modify web.config to point to your database . i.e. edit this line (near end of file) :
           < add key="SqlConnection.String" 
             value="Initial Catalog=; Data Source=; User ID=; Password=;Connect Timeout=90" />
    insert the database name, server name, user and password e.g :
        value="Initial Catalog=skynode; Data Source=localhost; User ID=skynode; \
    		Password=*** ;Connect Timeout=90" /> 
  4. Modify the info tags to give your information especially :
    		< add key="Info.SURVEYNAME" value="YOUNAMR" />
    		< add key="Info.SURVEYAREA" value="All sky" />
    		< add key="Info.LOCATION" value="YOUR LOCATION" />
  5. Make a virtual directory in IIS to point to the SkyNode directory with the files in it.
    you may need to create the application for the directory in IIS - although it should be done upon Virtual Directory creation.

  6. Assuming you made a virtual directory SkyNode then you should be able to go to
  7. Tell us so we may add it to the server

SkyServer Support Team
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