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static SqlDouble RedshiftAtHubbleTime (SqlDouble HubbleTIME)
static SqlDouble RedshiftAtHubbleDistance (SqlDouble HubbleDISTANCE)
static SqlDouble RedshiftAtLuminosityDistance (SqlDouble LuminosityDistance)
static SqlDouble ComovVolumeAtLumDist (SqlDouble LuminosityDistance)
static SqlDouble RedshiftAtComovVolume (SqlDouble ComovVolume)
static void FillRowRedshiftAtAngularDiamDist (object item, out SqlDouble z1, out SqlDouble z2)
static IEnumerable RedshiftAtAngularDiamDist (SqlDouble AngularDiamDist)
static SqlDouble RedshiftAtComovDistTransverse (SqlDouble ComovDistTransverse)
static SqlDouble RedshiftAtComovDistLineOfSight (SqlDouble ComovDistLineOfSight)
static SqlDouble RedshiftAtAgeOfUniverse (SqlDouble AgeOfUniverse)
static SqlDouble RedshiftAtLookBackTime (SqlDouble LookBackTime)
static SqlDouble LookBackTime (SqlDouble z)
static SqlDouble TimeInterval (SqlDouble zMin, SqlDouble zMax)
static SqlDouble AgeOfUniverse (SqlDouble z)
static SqlDouble HubbleDistance (SqlDouble z)
static SqlDouble HubbleTime (SqlDouble z)
static SqlDouble LuminosityDistance (SqlDouble z)
static SqlDouble ComovDistLineOfSight (SqlDouble z)
static SqlDouble ComovDistLineOfSightInterval (SqlDouble Zmin, SqlDouble Zmax)
static SqlDouble ComovDistBetween2objectsRaDec (SqlDouble Redshift1, SqlDouble RA1, SqlDouble DEC1, SqlDouble Redshift2, SqlDouble RA2, SqlDouble DEC2)
static SqlDouble ComovDistBetween2objectsXyz (SqlDouble Redshift1, SqlDouble x1, SqlDouble y1, SqlDouble z1, SqlDouble Redshift2, SqlDouble x2, SqlDouble y2, SqlDouble z2)
static SqlDouble ComovDistBetween2objects (SqlDouble Redshift1, SqlDouble Redshift2, SqlDouble AngularSeparation)
static SqlDouble AngularSeparationXyz (SqlDouble x1, SqlDouble y1, SqlDouble z1, SqlDouble x2, SqlDouble y2, SqlDouble z2)
static SqlDouble AngularSeparationRaDec (SqlDouble RA_1, SqlDouble DEC_1, SqlDouble RA_2, SqlDouble DEC_2)
static SqlDouble ComovDistTransverse (SqlDouble z)
static SqlDouble AngularDiameterDist (SqlDouble z)
static SqlDouble ComovVolume (SqlDouble z)
static SqlDouble AbsMagFromLumDist (SqlDouble m, SqlDouble LuminosityDistance)
static SqlDouble AbsMag (SqlDouble m, SqlDouble z)
static void FillRowGridAllCosmoQuantitiesIEnumerable (object item, out SqlDouble z, out SqlDouble Dc, out SqlDouble Dm, out SqlDouble Da, out SqlDouble Dl, out SqlDouble ComVol, out SqlDouble LookBackTime, out SqlDouble AgeOfUniverse)
static IEnumerable GridAllCosmoQuantitiesIEnumerable (SqlDouble zMin, SqlDouble zMax, int NumCell)

Public Attributes

const double OmegaM = 0.2739
const double OmegaL = 0.7260
const double OmegaR = 0.0001
const double w_0 = -1
const double h_0 = 0.705
const double TOL_Romberg = 1e-9
const int N_1_Romberg = 5
const double TOL_BracketingWithNeville = 1e-9
const double ExpansionFactor_BracketingWithNeville = 10.0
const int NumVertices_BracketingWithNeville = 5
const int MAXIT_BracketingWithNeville = 5000


static string Revision [get]

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