SDSS Mirror Site Resource Page

This site is intended to support people wishing to create a SDSS Catalog Archive Server mirror site.

SDSS DR12 catalog data is now available for download, please contact JHU SDSS CAS support for further information.
Patch for version 6 of BestDR12:
If you are already hosting a DR12 mirror, there is a new patch available that fixes some important issues. Please download the patch here and follow the instructions in the README file.

In order to create a mirror site, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Purchase the webserver (Windows .NET Server 2008) and DB server hardware that meets the space and performance requirements for the SDSS dataset that you want to mirror. See the Hardware page for more information.
  2. Purchase or obtain a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 licence. See the SQL Server page for more information.
  3. Install SQL Server 2008 R2 along with the recommended service packs on the DB server.
  4. Download the data for the SDSS dataset that you have chosen (this is in the form of SQL Server database files). The main SDSS databases and some smaller subsets are available on the SDSS-III CAS DB Download page (see DB Download link in the left menu).
  5. Download the SDSS-III SkyServer web site to the webserver and install the SkyServer Web Interface to the Catalog Archive Server.
  6. If you want to be able to execute patches and scripts released from time to time to fix problems in the latest SDSS-III dataset, then you should (click on sqlLoader in the menu on the left) download the sqlLoader product and install it as instructed on your database server(s).
  7. Finally, if you want to mirror the CasJobs site as well, then you should click on the CasJobs link on the menu above to download the latest version of CasJobs.

SkyServer Support Team
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