SDSS SkyServer sqlLoader Download Page

This page provides a link to the SDSS SkyServer data loading pipeline (sqlLoader) download and instructions for installing it, for SDSS Catalog Archive Server (CAS) mirror sites.

Download sqlLoader (DR15 version):

Please click here to download a ZIP of the DR15 SkyServer loader (intended for those working on mirrors or translations). . Please read the instructions below to install the Website.

Instructions for installing sqlLoader:

  1. After you download the sqlLoader and unzip the directory, please install it in the C: drive of your database server (where the SDSS BestDRx database lives). There should be a directory called C:\sqlLoader on that server if you want to run patches and scripts released from time to time.
  2. Please also make sure that there is a C:\Temp directory on that same server (create one if necessary) that has write access for all users. Scripts run from sqlLoader will send log output to the C:\Temp directory, so if things go wrong you can look at the logs deposited there (.txt files).

That's it! You are ready to run patches and scripts now by loading them in SQL Server Management Studio on that server and clicking Execute.

If you are not downloading sqlLoader to use on an SDSS mirror site, then you don't have to follow these instructions. You can look at the documentation included in the doc subdirectory for how to adapt and use the loader for your data. Note that it is only possible at the moment to use it with SQL Server data. A full description of the sqlLoader data loading pipleline appeared in this 2008 article on sqlLoader that appeared in Computing in Science and Engineering. There is also an online sqlLoader user guide available, but it is meant for loading SDSS data.

SkyServer Support Team
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